Make a video about your company.


Everyone who lands on your homepage is your audience. Tell your story cinematically.

There are three phases: 

             1. Write         

First, we discuss your best narrative       and write your script.

                2. Shoot               

  Next, we'll shoot images and produce       an interview to show how you do          what you do.

              3. Edit

Last, the elements are stitched together to create a video that captures who you are. Most videos are 2-3 minutes.


Every person is different. Every job is different. We aim for authenticity every time we tell a story:


What will my video cost?

The internet has changed the world, and video has changed the internet. Webspace is free — this removes the expense of "media buys” associated with traditional advertising. Also, technological advances have enabled us to produce images with the highest production value inexpensively. These tools create an opportunity to tell your story with the best aesthetics for a fraction of the cost.


We are a creative agency as well as a production company —
tell us what you want to do and we’ll find a price point to make it happen.


 David Beinstein is the founder of        Pride and Joy Films.

  He's produced and directed a series of commercials for the NBA,                 as well as edited for MTV, VH1, The Discovery Channel, and                           Nickelodeon. He's also worked closely as an editor with                                 Academy Award nominated filmmakers.

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